The Bras Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

12 August 2007

The Bras Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

How many bras should I have? This is a common question women pose when being fitted. Yet, it is not important the number of bras but the proper fit of each bra in your closet. By proper fit, I mean make sure the band is snug to your body. Then make sure the cup fits for your entire breast and that the underwire lays flat against your breast bone. Now that that is clear, let me answer the question at hand. How many bras should a woman have in her wardrobe?


The first bra a woman needs is a strapless bra. A strapless bra is great for special occasions and tops with thin straps. A strapless bra should give you the same lift as your other bras. There are multi-way bras that can also be worn as a strapless. Depending on your wardrobe one strapless bra is suggested. My trick to wearing a strapless bra is to hook it at least in the center clasp, making it a tight verses snug. This ensures that it will stay up.    


The second bra a lady needs is a plunge bra. A plunge bra is best for low v-neck neck top and dresses. It allows for the most cleavage and accents any décolletage. Plunge bras are sexy. If you are a smaller cup then it is most likely that your plunge bra will have an enhancer. I recommend two plunge bras in your lingerie drawer. One should be a smooth cup and the other is sexy with some kind of detail. It is important to note that most if not all of your bras can have a degree of plunge and still be supportive.


No matter if you are yogi master or marathon runner a bra that will support and hold the breast in place is best. The more vigorous activity you engage in the increased need to have a bra that holds your breast securely. A good sports bra has a bit of compression and should rise towards your collar bone. A sports bra can be soft cup or under wired and it can be a front closure or razor back. For the fuller busted woman, there are bras out there in a full range of sizes therefore you do not have wear two bras at once. If you are very active then you need at least two sports bras. If you don’t break a sweat or don’t work out a lot then one will do.    


The fourth choice is the t-shirt bra, which tends to be a staple for most women. A thin molded cup bra is best type. All seamless or molded bras look smooth under the thinnest top. Yet contrary to what sold in most stores, I say a woman only needs one of these bras especially if your wardrobe consists of more than knit tops. Consider a plunge or multi-way bra as your t-shirt bra.


A multi way bra is simply a bra with straps that can be placed in various configurations. With this bra a woman can have a halter, razor, crossed or one strap. This is a great solution that allows for versatility. This bra should be a smooth seamless or smooth molded. One multi way bra is sufficient. As mentioned previously this can be your strapless bra or your t-shirt bra.      


My final recommendation are sexy, lacy or feminine bras. Listen if you have to wear a contraption that holds up a part of your body that seems to be in a constant struggle with gravity, it might as well be beautiful. Believe it or not when you wear beautiful things you are confident and beautiful, your confidence glows! Even if no one else sees your underwear trusts me you will walk differently. Every woman needs a few bras that are feminine and appealing. Start with two and increase over time.


Now for those whom need nipple coverage consider silicone or plastic nipple covers. Buy a good pair and use them instead of limiting yourself to seamless or molded bras.  


To recap the bras every women needs are:

     1 strapless bra or multi way bra

     2 plunge bras

     1 t-shirt bra

     2 sexy and feminine bras

     2 sports bras, if she is active


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