Sports Bra 101

20 August 2012

Sports Bra 101

I had the pleasure of presenting to and fitting members of Black Girls Run! Los Angeles this past Sunday courtesy of Dr. Rebecca S. Alleyne. Whew I fitted close to 30 women in one afternoon. I wanted to share some of the sports bra points and suggestions I made in that presentation in today’s blog post.

Two Mountains and One Valley

First and as always you need two mountains and one valley when wearing a sports bra. I can’t emphasize that enough. So many women have their breasts up but it is up into one mound and they think it is sexy, youthful or correct. Sorry ladies it is none of the above. It is actually the opposite. Your breasts look larger, you don’t appear to be as youthful and you seem to “be trying to hard”. Just think when God made breasts he made two. So (say it with me) always have two mountains and one valley.

Keep The Close To Your Chest

Additionally, I encourage a bit of “smoosh-ness” for a sports. Typically women know the “smoosh-ness” feeling from wearing minimizing bras. Although I don’t recommend that type of bra, when working up a real sweat that effect is the better choice. The main reason that it better is to prevent pulling a ligament in your breasts. Yes, you can pull a boob. For ladies with significant breast tissue you DON’T have to wear two bras at one time to stop them form flopping around. There are sports bras that go up to K cups.

Sporty Styles

For those who prefer razor back bras, consider a full cup bra with a J-hook. It allows for versatility, coverage and support. There are under wired and non under wired sports bras. I suggested under wired to ensure the fit. There are many fabric choices that can wick the sweat away. Finally you can have color in a sports bra!

How Many Sports Bras Do You Need?

If you are walking or practicing yoga you might not need a dedicated sports bra. A good bra will do the trick. However, if you are breaking a sweat I recommend at least two sports bras. That way you can rotate the bras and not break up your exercise routine.
Thank you Dr. Rebecca S. Alleyne for connecting me to Black Girls Run!

Stay Uplifted!