My First Mammogram

23 September 2015

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My First Mammogram

"I am so scared. It hurts. The Tech had an attitude. They smooched your breasts flat and it is painful." This is typically what other women share about their mammogram experience.   So as you guess I was a bit nervous about my first mammogram.

I arrived mentally ready for discomfort. Nikki, the Mammogram Technician, greeted me with a smile. She reassured me that this would not be painful if I follow her directions. Okay, I can do that. I disrobed and stood ready.The entire experience took 20 minutes. As she promised it did not hurt. It was not uncomfortable. Yes my breasts were being manipulated, moved and smooched but there was no pain.

Ladies, if you are 40 years old or older, I encourage you to get your annual mammogram. For all women with breasts, big or small be sure to do your monthly self breast exams. I can't promise that you will have a pleasant mammogram experience as I did yet what is a little discomfort if you gain knowledge about your health.

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