Lorne Wellington

Like so many women I had a love hate my relationship with my bra. For as long as I can remember I have always had a full bust and a small back. To top it off, the women in my family wore proper foundation garments, negligees, camisoles, slips and matching sets. Yet my bras never seemed to fit. I complained about the back riding up or how my boobs bounced when I was a modern dancer. Then there was my posture. At times it was easier to slouch or sway my back. My mom took me to all the fine lingerie boutiques in Los Angeles and the result was the same, 32DD.

Fast forward about 15 years and while vacationing in Europe I decided to buy lingerie. The interaction with the Fitter was skeptical on my part. You see I accepted a life of ugly black and beige bras without the matching panty. As for the pretty or sexy stuff, I resigned myself to them being ill-fitting. And then it happened, the Fitter put me in a bra that fit. It was snug to my body, I had two breasts, nothing was sneaking out underneath or on top and it was lavender with a matching thong. It was like the heavens opened and angles were swooping down playing lovely melodies on harps. That day I bought three colorful sets.

Lorne S. WellingtonHey Ladies! I am Lorne S. Wellington the Chief Bra Lady of Sculpted Silhouette. After that liberating shopping experience in Europe I started hosting private shopping parties while living abroad in South Africa. In 2006 I returned Los Angeles and went back to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise. Using my MBA and Marketing Merchandise education I created Sculpted Silhouette in 2007. I wanted to provide women with a positive and informative bra shopping experience through a private consultation or at bra party with friends. Sculpted Silhouette’s goal is for women to know how to buy a bra for their bodies and for women to proactively take care of their breasts.

Sculpted Silhouette has grown from home based business to a Petite Salon in Los Angeles, we are working on getting a Bramobile (a fashion truck). Yet we stay true to how all this got started by coming to you. Book a consultation today and be amazed as how a bra can change your life.

Ladies, in my perfect world all women know the importance of undergarments and wear what is needed for their wardrobe and their bodies. Sculpted Silhouette has a blog and uses other social media to share with you all we know about bras, panties and more. We will post, share, tweet and do whatever we can communicate all we know and can get our hands on so you look your best!